Kindles and WiFi passwords

We noticed the Kindles sometimes fail to connect when we configure them with the correct WiFi password for the 3G Huawei routers. We’re not sure why this happens yet. The workaround is to repeat the registration several times (once you are sure you have entered the password correctly).

Some tips

  • If you have a smartphone, tablet computer, or a laptop, that has WiFi, try registering it on the network. Once you know it works, disable this WiFi network (or ‘forget it’ as Android phones say) otherwise you risk using lots of the network traffic inadvertently.
  • Double-check the password is entered correctly. Perhaps someone else can read out the password so you can check it. Then swap responsibilities.
  • Enter any letters in the correct case e.g. one of our WiFi passwords was a series of numbers followed by a single capital letter. Enter the capital letter as a capital letter.