Helping out

Helping Out

Various people have asked how they can help with the project, here are some suggestions.

Content & Materials

A key factor is to find and provide useful, relevant content for the schools. This includes: teaching guides, material and software in local languages, curriculum materials, etc. All the content must be legal, if appropriate licensed for the use of the schools, and somewhat relevant.

The first guide for the schools in Kenya was created as an mini document by a volunteer in London (thank you).

If you are able and willing to create potentially suitable materials please contact Julian Harty (julianharty – at- initially so he can help decide the next steps.


Most of the costs and expenses have been covered personally. However several people generously donated gift certificates that have been used for a particular school to buy e-books, or Kindles, which are provided to schools.

There are also setup costs for new devices, and power & networking for new schools. There are also ongoing costs for networking and additional paid-for materials.

Helping specific projects

If you are interested in helping specific projects please contact me, Julian Harty (julianharty – at-


Created: 14th October 2013