3 passwords for Huawei WiFi routers

There are various passwords involved when configuring the Huawei routers we are using to provide rural WiFi for schools. You may be confused by which password is which and when do you need to use them.

Each password serves a specific purpose.

  1. The first, and the only one that’s commonly needed in the school, is the WiFi password. This is written on the inside of the cover on the WiFi device. We use this password when configuring e-readers, including Kindles, to connect to the WiFi. You also need the name of the network, this is also printed on the router.
  2. The second is the administrative password to  configure and manage the WiFi router. This is generally only needed for technical work; however some schools may want to monitor the usage of the mobile (3G) network, and they will need this password to do so. You also need the username of the administrator account. Details of the username and password are provided in the manual.
  3. The third password is actually a number, called the PIN. This is needed to unlock and enable the 3G SIM card fitted in the router. This PIN is generally configured by whoever is configuring the WiFi router (using the details of the administrative username and password).