On the teachers’ strike in kenya

Teachers across Kenya were on strike when the time came to wrap up the pilot project. This meant the schools were closed so the visiting team were unable to see the Kindles in use at the schools. However the teachers kindly found time to meet our volunteer team who had flown from the UK to interview them. Our volunteer team are:

  • Emily Astles
  • Ilona Livarski
  • Silvia Harty

Here is a photo of one of the interviews:

Photo of one of the interviews
Emily, Ilona and Silvia interview Leonard of Kachieng Secondary School

The strike also delayed some of the follow up work for the pilot project in terms of implementing some aspects of the next phase of the project. However, the strike has since finished and I understand the schools will be open for several weeks in August to compensate for the time the schools were closed by the strike.

We will cover the interviews in more detail and the findings of the initial pilot project in additional articles.