Kindles accounts need Device Country and Delivery Address specifying

I hope I’ve managed to configure the amazon account used by these Kindles so they will now allow the teachers to buy books. I have tested the process by ‘buying’ a free book: Pride and Prejudice for both of their Kindles.
Here are a couple of extra steps I had to remember to do when creating another Amazon account for a new school.

  1. set up a delivery address without adding a credit card number (the default process wants one). Here’s the link I have to check and configure a delivery address Manage Address Book
  2. configuring the country of the account to the UK Country Settings

I was then able to ‘buy’ the book for the first time (before the Amazon web site told me even the free books were not available).

Here is the link to configure the country on the UK site (this may change given the strange parameters on the URL)*Version*=1&*entries*=0#cor

And here is one of several good articles online about the issue and the way to fix it and the following answer was a useful reminder for me

Amazon publishes various device-specific guides to configure a Kindle and the account e.g. for the Kindle Keyboard 

(last updated 25 October 2013)