Evidence based?

One of the objectives for this project is to gather sufficient evidence about the project. The evidence can then be used:

  • to enable the project to be assessed in terms of the impact, applicability, etc.
  • to help us improve the project and the outcomes e.g. in terms of the effectiveness, and efficiency of what we do
  • To help others to learn from our experiences and our work so they (e.g. you) can build on the good bits and learn from anything else that’s relevant.

I recently read a brief report written by NESTA a UK based organisation. I recommend you read it.  http://www.nesta.org.uk/library/documents/MakingEvidenceUseful.pdf I found the simple Nesta Standards of Evidence figure is effective to help focus the work we’re doing. My impression is we’re working around Level 2 at the moment.

Level 1 states: “You can describe what you do and why it matters, logically, coherently and convincingly” while Level 2 states: “You capture data that shows positive change, but you cannot confirm you caused this”. We are capturing data, however we don’t have enough data to assess the effects of providing the devices to the schools yet.