An initial report from one of the schools in Bangalore

Here is an initial report from the team at the Fishermen Trust. They installed and commissioned their first school with the Zoombinis software in early August 2013.

“Greetings from The Fishermen Trust. We trust you are doing well.

We arrived at the school today  and asked the Headmistress to send the 7th grade students according to their roll number. We taught two batches of four students, with each batch taking different lengths of time to grasp the concepts of the game. We were forced to stop due to a power outage.

We then asked a teacher and the Headmistress to form computer period for the students in which they can try out the game fully. We also selected two boys from the seventh grade who seemed adept in the concepts of the game and showed ability to teach others.”


And here are some photos of the team working with the pupils and with one of their teachers:

2013-08-06 12.33.26

2013-08-06 11.34.17-1

2013-08-06 11.34.38: